Note for Teachers

This course was originally created for Success! Learning Center, but is available for anyone to use, provided that:

  1. You let me know you're using it by sending me email
  2. Your students link to this course on their sites somewhere
  3. You include the copyright notice on the splash page if you print out the text to use.

These lessons are structured around a trio of web pages. Those pages are built to look like pages the students might conceivably want to write, and the lessons tell them how to do so. For best results, students should progress through the lessons in order, doing worksheets and constructing pages as instructed in the lessons.

The text should work fine on any platform with any fairly recent browser (my own students use Netscape 6.2 on Windows 98). You'll need to guide them through using whatever programs your own class uses (I prefer HomeSite and WS_FTP LE myself) and through getting hosting.

Students who are not already comfortable moving around the internet should be given an assignment or two which will build their skills in moving from page to page. Internet scavenger hunts are a particularly good sort of assignment. Several good ones are listed under Education Links on the Success! Learning Center web site.

I have strong opinions on the subject of web composers, which is why this course teaches students to code their own HTML tags instead of relying on a WYSIWYG interface ("What You See Is What You Get;" programs such as Word for Windows and Microsoft Frontpage have a WYSIWYG interface) such as FrontPage or Netscape Composer. I hope you find the curriculum useful! A sitemap is provided below.

-Ealasaid A. Haas

PS: you may wish to direct your older students to Web Sites That Suck, a site which teachers layout and web design by negative example. It's a little adult, so take a look at it and use your own judgement.

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