So now you're signed up with a host and you have an email account. All you need now is a way to get thefiles you create up onto your server. Many hosting programs provide browser-based uploading. Does yours?

If not, you will need an FTP program, like you read about in the last lesson. One of the most powerful FTP programs around is WS_FTP LE. It's not just powerful, it's free! If your teacher doesn't already have it, or another FTP program, installed, ask him or her to download one. WF_FTP LE is available from Ipswitch. Other FTP programs are available through Tucows, or you can look for them using a search engine.

Now you're ready to work on your Website! As you work through the next few lessons, which will give you some very basic assignments, start thinking about what you want your final website to be about. Information on your favorite TV show? An online journal, chronicling your life for the world to read? A guide to raising your favorite kind of pet?

It's important to figure out a good topic for your website, because after the first few assignments, you'll have to create a number of pages without directions about what to put on them!

While you're thinking, go ahead and get started on the next lesson.

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