This course was designed for Success! Learning Center students. Success! uses Netscape on Windows 98 systems, so the instructions are given with those programs in mind. If you are using this course on a different computer set-up, ask your teacher to help you with any commands that don't work, or check the programs' help files.

As you progress through the lessons here, you'll learn to design and code webpages, in a coding language called HTML. Along the way, you'll create your own website, which you'll be able to maintain even after you leave the Learning Center.

This course doesn't cover all the different things you can do with HTML, let alone all the things you can do with websites, but it will give you enough knowlege to create a fairly impressive site and give you the tools to learn other, more complicated things. The Further Study page will point you towards sources of information beyond these lessons.

You won't be learning to use a program to build websites, because this course is designed to teach you HTML itself, the raw language of the web. Even if you go on to learn about web page composers, a solid foundation in HTML is indespensible. Learning to code will help you to use such programs more effectively, as well as letting you learn much more complex web design than many programs easily allow for.

Be sure to go through the first ten lessons in order, as each one builds on the one before. Work the worksheets when they are presented by printing them out when directed (to print out a webpage, go to the page, click on "File" from the menu bar across the top of the browser, then select "Print"), and filling them in. From time to time you will be directed to open a second browser window, so you can have this course open and work on your own site at the same time. To do that, click on "File," then "New" and "Navigator Window" or click the button in the lower right-hand corner with a wheel on it. If you are working with both windows expanded to fill the screen, you can switch between them by clicking on their buttons at the bottom of the screen. Or, you can press "Alt" and "Tab" at the same time.

Have fun!

--Ealasaid A. Haas

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